A Summer Wedding at Tankardstown House, with the bride and groom standing in front of a gate in a garden.

Summer Wedding at Tankardstown House

Summer Wedding at Tankardstown House. As wedding photographers, we all have our favourite venues to work in. Some we might work in regularly, others infrequently. However, we all look forward to booking a wedding at a venue we know and love. I’m sure I’ve said this in other blogs but Tankardstown House for me, is one of those. One of my favourite wedding venues in Ireland. It has great competition close by such as The Millhouse, in Slane and Ballymagarvey Village just outside Slane. Both lovely wedding venues and lovely venues to work at. There is something about Tankardstown though. The venue itself, it’s grounds and of course it’s amazing staff.

When Helen and Adrian booked me for their summer wedding at Tankardstown House, I was naturally delighted. They also booked Will from Royal Wedding Films who I know well from over the years and enjoy working with. So the scene was set for an amazing day.

Helen was getting ready in Tankardstown House that morning so that’s where I started. They have a bridal prep area offset from the main house which is a nice space to work in. This was a small wedding party so the morning was calm and relaxed. As it should be….!

The church ceremony was held at St. Martin of Tours Church in Culmullen. Irish churches can be very hit and miss on the inside often with horrible lighting but this is a beautiful church inside. Lovely light and natural stone walls. Also, one of my favourites…!

As clichéd as can be, Helen’s car broke down on the way to the church. Potential disaster but Taidgh and his fab staff at Tankardstown jumped to the rescue and after finding a 2 seater Porsche, escorted Helen to the church door. Lovely ceremony by a lovely priest followed by family photos outside the church before heading back to Tankardstown.

We launched straight into bride and groom photos as soon as we reached Tankardstown. By now it was a sweltering 32C so the welcome shade of the gardens was our go-to spot. By the time we finished all the guests had by this stage arrived and had found the bar. The amazing summer day just added to the atmosphere. There really is nothing better than lounging in the sun or shade at at wedding in a beautiful setting knowing that an amazing dinner was ahead of you and a night of dancing with family and friends.

When dinner bell came and guests were moved into the beautiful atrium to be seated, I grabbed Helen and Adrian for 5 minutes to take a few photos in the beautiful drawing rooms. It was so worth it as you have amazing filtered window light in these rooms. Perfect for elegant portraits.

This was undoubtably a beautiful summer wedding at Tankardstown House. One that I was privileged to be part of. Helen and Adrian were the perfect couple. Gracious, willing, considerate and so comfortable with each other. It was an absolute joy to work with them.

Summer Wedding at Tankardstown House

I generally post about 150 or so photos from a wedding on my blogs. Just enough to give a snapshot of the day. So here you go. Have a look and if you are having a summer wedding at Tankardstown House (or Winter, Spring etc…, it really doesn’t matter as it’s beautiful any time of the year), get in touch and let’s see if we can work together.

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